Designer 水野 惠梨佳 (Erika Mizuno)




ファッションブランドkielo;を設立、スイスで初のコレクションを発表、 帰国後東京を拠点にコレクションを発表する。

2015年独自のブランドEAUSEENONを設立、EAUSEENON(オウシーナン)の名前の由来は自身の名前でもあるエリカの花から。 独自で描いたオリジナルテキスタイル、刺繍を中心にコレクションを展開する。

Born in Tokyo.

Liked painting since childhood and studied oil painting in the high school.

Studied basic fashion in Japan under the influence of her mother who was a fashion model and learned design in Antwerp, Belgium afterward.

Established a fashion brand “kielo” and showed her first collection in Switzerland. After returning, showed collections based in Tokyo.

In 2015, established an original brand called EAUSEENON originated from the name of flower called erika which is also her name.

Developing her collections mainly by original textile and embroidery drawn independently.