EAUSEENON (オウシーナン)

Designer: Erika Mizuno

Enjoying drawing from a young age, Erika studied oil painting in high school.

After learning the foundations of fashion in Japan, She went on to study design in Antwerp, Belgium.

Her student collections were exhibited in museums in Hong Kong and Greece, And received an offer to show the collection in Switzerland.

After returning to Japan, Erika worked for a millinery brand and gained skills in millinery, as well as embroidery.

In 2015, Erika established EAUSEENON, the name originating from the flower Erika. Inspired by paintings, the arts, and film, her collections have a distinct feel.

Original textiles and embroidery illustrated by the designer and Japanese fabrics are characteristics of the brand.

The color palettes of the collections stem from Japanese traditional dyes, resulting in the creation of elaborate clothing.



AW2016 (Mon Corur Soupire) : Presentation and Runway Show in Soho, New York City SS2017 (Tree Peony Garden) : Presentation in Tokyo

AW2017 (Innocents): Presentation and Runway Show in Soho, New York City / Presentation in Tokyo

SS2018 (Hanging Scroll) : Presentation in Paris / Presentation in Tokyo

デザイナー 水野 惠梨佳 (ERIKA MIZUNO)





帰国後、数年間 帽子メーカーに勤務し帽子の作り方、刺繍のスキルを身に付ける。







AW2016(Mon Corur Soupire) : NY, Soho でプレゼンテーション、ランウェイ発表

SS2017 (Tree Peony Garden) : Tokyo, 展示会発表

AW2017 (Innocents): NY, Soho でプレゼンテーション、ランウェイ発表 : Tokyo, 展示会発表

SS2018 (Hanging Scroll) : Paris で展示会発表 : Tokyo, 展示会発表